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A new phishing campaign is impersonating Zoom in order to steal users’ Outlook credentials, according to researchers at GreatHorn. The attackers are using phishing URLs that spoof Zoom’s domain, and that also include the name of the targeted users’ organizations.
“The ‘how’ takes advantage of Zoom’s recognizable URL structure,” GreatHorn says. “The authentic Zoom domain is, regardless of whether a user or company is located in the U.S. or elsewhere. As a result, Zoom users across the world have become familiar with this brand and URL structure. Now, attackers are using malicious URLs that conform to that structure, with subtle differences….The impersonated domain adds a ‘b’ onto ‘web’, an extra ‘o’ into ‘zoom’, and an additional ‘us’ – all subtle differences the average user or email filter might miss.”
The link takes the user to a spoofed Outlook login page designed to trick them into entering their username and password.
“The goal of this email, as with many phishing campaigns, is credential harvesting,” the researchers write. “Once the attacker gets a hold of a user’s login and password, it can be used to gain access to sensitive files, or as the jumping-off point for internal spear phishing attacks. In this particular phishing attempt, the unsuspecting user clicks, taking them to a page that mimics the look of an Outlook signup page. Since many services use Outlook for authentication, this is likely to be a very familiar screen for the user.”
The phishing emails themselves are riddled with misspellings and grammatical mistakes. However, the researchers believe this campaign is targeting users in continental Europe, many of whom will be less likely to notice errors in English.
“The originating return path of many of these attacks leads back to ‘.es’ domains, which indicate they originate in Spain,” they write. “Users targeted with these newly identified phishing campaigns are also located in Spain and surrounding countries in Europe, primarily Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.”
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GreatHorn has the story .
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