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The (ISC)² London chapter received its official (ISC)² Charter on March 16, 2018, after completing the chartering process and attending the (ISC)² Secure Summit UK earlier this spring.
The London Chapter’s president, James Packer, outlined the chapter’s goals at the Secure Summit UK event, which included plans for hosting the chapter’s own events, forming industry partnerships, and spawning beneficial initiatives such as in education and healthcare.  As a result of the Chapter’s presence at the Summit, over 50 people signed up to become a member of the Chapter. This is a record number of people who have ever signed up to join a chapter at a Secure Summit event in the UK.
The (ISC)² London Chapter’s recently held its first member meeting as an official chapter on June 6, 2018. This was a significant event with a highly engaged, interactive audience. The event was very diverse, covering topics including education, the cyber skills gap, DevSecOps, and deceptive security; education was a key theme for this meeting. 
The inaugural meeting is one of the chapter’s cornerstone initiatives; The chapter members are passionate about taking action towards both raising awareness around the vulnerabilities that people face whilst living in the digital world, and in championing cyber security as a career choice for adolescents considering subject choices at GCSE, A Level and University level.
The meeting was opened by James, the Chapter President, and an update on Chapter activities was provided by each of the officers. James presented a thought-provoking overview of the issues facing the young whilst online and how we can all do our part as individuals.
An extremely lively and engaging panel discussion then ensued, again around education and career development which showed the chapter the level of support and collaboration that so many like-minded people are already involved in or are keen to be involved in.
The meeting also had presentations by subject matter experts: The first presentation, hosted by the chapter’s Membership Officer Omar Saenz Herrera, focused on DevSecOps. The second presentation was on Deceptive Security, presented by Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks.
The meeting ended with some fantastic networking, snacks, and drinks for all attendees.  Additional photos of the event can be found by CLICKING HERE.
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