Earth Baku APT Hackers Group Upgraded Its Hacking Toolset dumps and pins sites, shopping without cvv

The cybersecurity researchers of Trend Micro have recently detected a campaign that has been initiated by the APT threat actor group Earth Baku. According to the security experts, this group has been targetting organizations in the Indo-Pacific region.
Soon after detecting this campaign, the security analysts have conducted a strong investigation to know about the threat actor team and their operation, however, it also has been cleared that the threat actor is initiating attacks since July 2020.
Since this malicious campaign is targetting the organizations in the Indo-Pacific region, so, it has been cleared that the APT threat actor team Earth Baku has targetted the entities in the following sector:-
After investigating the attack, the cybersecurity researchers came to know that all the victims are specifically registered from the following countries:-
Earth Baku applies the earlier unidentified parts of malware in this specific campaign, that’s why the tools have been modified in this campaign that is mentioned below:-
The loaders: StealthVector and StealthMutant
The payloads: ScrambleCross and Cobalt Strike beacon
In this particular campaign, the APT threat actors of Earth Baku has used several methods so that they can easily enter into the system and then effortlessly implement their operations.
However, we have mentioned all the different means that were being used by the threat actors to enter and infect a target system:-
This campaign is linked with one of the earlier campaigns that have been conducted by the Earth Baku, and that campaign was performing all its planned tasks under the alias APT41.
That’s why the experts have attributed the new campaign with the old campaign to find the similarities, and here we have mentioned them below:-
Moreover, there are many findings that are yet to know, that’s why the researchers are trying their best to know all the details regarding this attack.
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