Google Removed 17 Android Apps With Joker Malware From Play Store best cvv sites, credit card dump sites

Google Play Store is a platform where threat actors keep reappearing due to its popularity and widespread use. No matter how much measures Google implements, it seems difficult to make this platform entirely free from abusers. Hence, once again, a wave of malicious Android apps appeared on the Play Store bearing the infamous Joker malware.
Researchers from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ discovered 17 new apps on the Android Play Store with Joker malware. These apps together boasted around 120,000 downloads.
As elaborated in their blog post , the researchers found these apps as they monitored the Play Store for Joker malware.
Upon discovering these apps, they investigated the matter further to find out how the apps evaded Google’s vetting process.
They have described three different scenarios for this security bypass.
Below is the list of all these malicious apps.
Following the report from the researchers, Google removed all 17 apps from the Play Store.
Nonetheless, these apps might still be present on users’ devices. Therefore, make sure to go through the list given above and remove if you find any of these apps running on your device.
This is the second appearance of Joker malware on the Play Store. The previous incidence surfaced online earlier this month when Google removed six malicious Android applications .
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