TrueCaller Flaw Let Hackers Access User Data and Location Information cc shops 2021, shop cc dumps

Truecaller fixed a security flaw that may expose sensitive user data, location, and system information. The flaw was discovered by an India-based security researcher Ehraz Ahmed.
Truecaller is the most popular smartphone app that includes features such as caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording, Chat & Voice.
The app is very popular in India and it has more than 500 million downloads globally coveting iOS and Android platforms.
According to Ahmed, the flaw lets an attacker inject a malicious link as the profile URL and by clicking on the profile the malicious script will get executed without user consent.
Truecaller confirmed to Forbes that “it was recently brought to our attention that there was a small bug in our app services which allowed the modification of one’s profile in an unintended way.”
The company also thanked the researcher for collaborating and the bug has been fixed immediately. All the users are recommended to update with the latest version.
Ahmed also shared a PoC video that demonstrates the flaw and how an attacker could use the vulnerability to fetch the information.
This is not the first time Truecaller involved in a security incident, earlier it was reported that Truecaller data was available on Dark web sale.
Telegram also mentioned that they are to launch a web bounty program soon.
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